SOC229 Lecture Notes - Lecture 17: Kangaroo Court, Smoke Inhalation, Barter

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Kingston Riot (1971)
- Two people murdered and trial
- 550 inmates – 50 gave statements – 10% gave details for parole
- 50 names got out – rat list
- April 14th rumors spread of riot and hostage takeover
- guards outnumbered by inmates leaving gymnasium.
- Leader Billie Knight
- 6 inmates on watch duty
- 14 on second floor, guard there told not to resist
- inmate population released
- Billie knight says nobody hurts guard or undesirables
- Wrecks the place
- Negotiation with authorities
-Brian ensor – child molester, held upside down and beaten up
- Knight meets with authorities negotiates cause he isn’t too violent
-Shepley more violent, and Beau cage challenge his position
-Barry Machenzie takes over as the leader
- Government got pissed – gave an ultimatum
- Inmates decided to vote but things get violent (80% wanted it to end)
- Kangaroo court – tie undesirables beat them, break nose 1st
- Ensor and Bertrand survived beating
- Ensor murdered in 1D, Bertrand died week later
- Riot ended inmates surrendered
- Transfer to mill haven
- Inmates ordered out of prison – 200
- Billie knight was never convicted due to – lack of evidence ¾ gaurds were unable to
identify him
- Not many guards harmed
-Disturbance: Easily ended, 1 or 2 ppl, common & unreported, & no hostages
-Prison Riots: uncommon, reported, large portion of gen pop, 3-4 days, lots of violence –
Due to over-crowding, double bunking, less privacy, understaffing etc.
-Initial stages Attica & Kingston: Chaotic, opportunistic, no clear leader, self
preservation, fires (jackson 5 died of smoke inhalation) Drugs & fighting.
-Personal safety key: Inmates turn themselves in, authorities give escape route,
demoralizing but riots ends sooner
-Leadership @ initial stage: evolves, starters are not leaders
-Emergence of leadership: Assumes, appoints, elected. (ATTICA – 25-30 representative)
-Elite: high level drug traffickers, connections, job, solid guys, protect hostsges,
respected, punishes violators
- Protection amongst groups, Wolves come out
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