SOC229 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Anomie, Business Cycle, Iphone

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Prison Riots SEPT 30
- 3. Anomie (Durkheim) Theory
o Business cycle: in fast moving business cycles where the economy was booming
the suicide rate went up
o The suicide rate would be stable when the economy was stable
o Our goals and aspirations are learned, we adapt it due to our culture and society
o If you reah the leel, you aspire too you ill e happy ad if you do’t you are
not happy
o For some when the reach higher then their goal it makes them greedy, and they
start to aim so high they set their goals unrealistically
o For some if they do not reach their goals it diminishes their will to live and that is
why suicide rates are high
Ex. someone who wants to be in a rock band and they are a one hit
wonder, they start to think they are the next rolling stone and their
career declines
o Coined the concept to refer to unfulfilled aspirations
o How to connect to prison riots
Inmates have all kinds of privileges, and these privileges take on a great
deal of important
Inmates oe they are used to these priileges they do’t thik of the
as privileges but as rights Authorities do’t thik of it that ay
The theory suggests that if inmates are in a position where they start to
expect certain rights and privileges and it is not delivered they will be
upset (unfulfilled aspirations)
Prison authorities are reluctant to make promises they cannot make, so
this theory is not the best
Conjugal visits: visit by your spouse, common in Europe not Canada
Seen as a good rehabilitation method, the inmate would think
that they should not commit crimes for their family
o Unfulfilled aspirations where promise is not kept can lead to a dangerous
o The prison authorities take away privileges from the inmates
Some inmates use this privilege in a negative way
If oe iate’s isuse’s his priilege eeryoe’s priileges are take
If these privileges are taken unjustly it creates a lot of anger
o Prison riots are expressive (anger) and fueled by anger
o The theory will explain the violence, the destruction of the prison
o Suggests that prison riots can be prevented by no promising things that cannot
be delivered
o If you take away privileges, you have to take caution
If oe perso isuses’ it, they should fid the perso ho did ad oly
take it away form that person alone
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