SOC229 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: The Parole Officer

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Bank Robberies OCT 3
Financial Institutions (Ex. Banks)
- Typical float is $1500
- Most people do’t take out ash ayore there is no need to have lots of money in
the till
- Baks do’t hae ay gus ayore, therefore there is o
- Banks make themselves an easy target
- The ak is’t orried aout the oey that is stole durig a roery sie they do
not keep that much cash
- Banks are more worried about their staff being attacked or having being charged
o Getting charged would cost the bank more money
- If the bank is robbed and you had $10,000 in your till you would be in trouble
Crime Statistics
- Based on people calling and telling the police
- Crimes such as theft, the statistics might not be accurate b/c sometimes people wont
know if they have been robbed
- Robberies are always called in b/c you are attacked during the theft
- Bank robberies are always reported
Professors Own Research
- If you are a Masters student or PHD student, it is hard to enter prisons
- For every prisoner you want to interview you need to go through the superintendent
- The the prof got names of bank robbers using media and police
- You could get fired for not doing your research ethically
- Once you submit the names (of whom you want to interview) you have to find them
- The prof would get the name of the parole office as well as where the officer was, then
he would find the location of the inmate
o The parole officer would then contact the inmate (like a sales pitch) to convince
them for the interview most of the inmates were cooperative
- A vast majority of inmates agreed to the interview
- Most of the inmates were males, had female names but they refused
- Interviewed over 30 inmates
o Average of 3 hours for a good interview
o Most inmates drop their cards in interviews (very open)
o The average age was 31, the average age they started robberies was 25
o Most of them was in maximum prison
o The number of convictions was 6 robberies per person
o The number of robberies suspected during the interviews was 18
o 20 out of 80 had more then 20 bank robbery convictions
o Most of the inmates were career criminals
o Ex. Mitch the guy from Montreal was put in institutions when he was 7
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find more resources at
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