SOC229 Lecture Notes - Lecture 15: Midget Professional Wrestling, Anomie

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SOC229 Module 15
The Motivation to Tearoom Sex
The Motivation to Tearoom Sex
The primary motivation for participants is sexual gratification
Other motivational components are required to understand this behaviour
There are secondary motivational components that make this activity
Closet gays and bisexuals use tearooms to keep their sexual orientation a
Few gay men use tearooms because the gay subculture looks down upon this
Heterosexual men protect their self-concept by mainly playing the insertor
Motivation Continued
Anomie theory Mertons version if people have goals and means aren’t
available they’ll use illegitimate means
o Ie. Midget professional wrestler. Had no other means of sexual
Some men use tearooms because other avenues of having sex are not
This includes married men whose sex lives are lacking
Having an affair is not simply a matter of will and takes time and effort
Prostitution costs money whereas tearooms offer sex for free
The variety of partners and the risk are additional attractions
The convenience and speed of tearoom encounters are also components in
A Question of Deterrence
Why are tearoom participants not deterred by the possibility of arrest?
Many of these men lose their families, jobs, and reputation when caught
Some may be lulled into a false sense of security through years of practice
Others may think that the police know little about this activity
After all, participants are discreet and there are no complainants
Even in one community where arrests had been made, players continued to
visit tearooms
They obviously underestimated police capabilities
Others may fail to consider the possibility and consequences of getting
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