SOC229 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Jumpsuit, Pepper Spray

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20 Jul 2016
Criminology: guest lecture
32 inmates per unit, 6 units
3 officers
Unit runs on its own – visitors come to unit and see inmate through glass
Yard is about 30x30ft
Concrete walls around it, and cage screened in roof
No paid mental health services, relying on volunteers – so ie if aa doesn’t
come in, they don’t offer it, no programs
Understaffing results in not releasing inmates
Outside of their cells for 6 hours a day
In lock down situations, prisoners can’t leave – get showers, go to the court,
Inmates have power struggle – inside drug trades
Food meets canadian food standards, but not good…
Strip down the inmate before taking them to jail to see if they’re hiding
Orange jumpsuit
Sit on a chair to detect metal – for knives, lighters
Can’t detect drugs in system, just metal
7pm curfew
20 minutes of fresh air outside, walking around in yard per day
Any inmate who goes into prison can ask for protective custody
Average sentence is btwn 30days – 60months
Everything used on inmates has to be less than lethal (ie pepper spray)
2-3 slashes/month in jail, have to find weapon afterwards
A lot of attempted suicides in jail
About 4 deaths a year: natural causes, suicide, drug overdose
No longer hard cover books, because it’s a weapon – just soft cover
Remand center:
Where you go when you’re waiting for trial
Getting arrested for narcotics; buying/selling drugs- everything seems to go back
down to drugs – main reason why people are going to jail
Riot team:
Guards tested every year, have to be physically capable for it
Trained very well
Easier for special team to handle situation without getting hurt
find more resources at
find more resources at
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