SOC 229 Lecture 11: Criminology March 8

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20 Jul 2016
Powerpoint broke in class today
Drug Trafficking
Drug Offense
Includes trafficking, possessions for the purpose of trafficking, importing,
exporting, production, or conspiracy, or attempt to commit, being an
accessory after the fact in/relation to, any of these offences – counseling of
these offenses
Controlled substances and illicit drugs
Controlled drug and substances act
Harsh penalties around the world for possession and trafficking of drugs
In south east countries you could be sentenced to death
Hard stance on the crime
Goes back to prohibition, early 1900s
Consumption of alcohol became banned/illegal – once something is
repressed, the more people want to engage in it and find alternate avenues to
get to it
Possession of heroin used to have a max of 7 years, now it’s 14. You can’t be
Mandatory minimums and maximums increased, an discharges can’t be used – 2011
act (name?)
Drug trafficking = non predatory crime, it’s consensual to a certain degree
Can be argued that it’s victimless
No formal complaints usually, and few witnesses if any
Because it’s victimless, police are justified as being more aggressive in way that they
go about investigating drug trafficking – surveillance, wire taps, invasive tactics
Other crimes (like bank robberies), crime doesn’t pay – robbers getting insignificant
amounts, monetary gains are not large
Drug trafficking: “the crime that pays”
High level drug traffickers are not caught typically because:
The RCMP don’t have a lot of resources, maybe out of 60 syndicates, 1 will be
RCMP has strange criteria for going after drug traffickers: go after syndicates
that are large, want to go after hard drugs (ie heroin), they will prioritize
groups that will involve violence, in Canada if you’re caught your sentence is
find more resources at
find more resources at
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