SOC229 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Moral Turpitude, Anal Sex, Reaction Formation

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20 Jul 2016
Risk – Police
Arrest and blackmail are two major risks
o1/190 men indicated blackmail
Reactive v proactive strategies
Intimidation & force & surveillance
oIdentity checks – names in newspapers published
oFought on constitutional grounds (inadmissible evidence); rejected by
Men are typically undeterred
Risks – Toughs and Disease
Gang delinquency
oA threat to safety of tearoom participants (U.S)
oHustlers also turn into toughs if refused to play
Venereal Disease
oDownplayed by Humphrey’s as low risk sexual activity
oAnal sex uncommon & higher risk
Is it harmful?
Crime control model enforced in conviction of 188 men (of 190) in Large Peel
Region bust (83-88’)
oLed to suicide, employment loss, family breakdown
Order maintenance model as alternative
oUse specific deterrence, caution, grant leniency
Main concepts
Tearoom behaviour and the law
The purpose and scope of humphrey’s ethnographic study
Humphrey’s and desroches’ research sample
Watchqueen role
How tearooms are discovered
Waiters, masturbators and voyeurs
The “People Next Door”
Interview data with 50 men (tracked through plates)
Used deceptive tactics: disguised and graduate student
“who these men were”
designed a control group and study group
accessed men in their homes
Marital Status
27/50 married
8% separated or divorced
62% heterosexual lifestyle
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find more resources at
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