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Lecture 8

Lecture 8 – Graphs - summary page.docx

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University of Waterloo
SOC 280
Owen Gallupe

1 Lecture 8 – Graphs - summary page -Incredibly useful. -Don’t misrepresent your data by adjusting the scale unless it makes sense (without being devious). 1) Histograms a. They tell you how common certain answers are. i. “Graphs””Chart Builder” [all graphs created from here] 1. Simple histogram 2) Boxplots •Independent variable is always on x axis except in box plot. •Line in middle ofthraph is median th •Top of box is 25 percentile, bottom is 75 percentile. •Line at top is maximum •Line at bottom is minimum •SPSS will print out outliers and extreme outliers – cases that are much different than other scores. If a score is between 1.5 and three box lengths its considered an outlier. An extreme value is if it is three times the box lengths away, and is marked with a star. An outlier is marked with a circle. o Have to know what to do with outliers. Need to first make sure they’re legitimate scores (a dramatic outlier may be a missing value). They are also illegitimate if there is a typo in data entry. Or sometimes you have to do with an outlier that’s an extreme case that skews data. Do you get rid of them or not, since they are technically a legitimate case? a. Displays the median, the middle 50% (the “interquartile range”), the range, and outliers. i. Attitudes towards Canadian government by language spoken at home 2 ii. Outliers - in SPSS, scores which are between 1.5 and 3 box lengths beyon
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