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Lecture 10

Lecture 10 – Comparing 2 means - summary page2.docx

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University of Waterloo
SOC 280
Owen Gallupe

1 Lecture 10 – Comparing Two Means – Summary Page - t-tests – tell you whether the average score on a particular variable is significantly different across groups. - If there’s a difference between means, tell if it is significant. - Parametric test (vs nonparametric) 3 types: a. One sample t-test i. Testing whether the mean in one group is significantly different from a number in a different group. ii. Is there any actual difference between a certain point and the other mean being presented. b. Dependent samples t-test/Paired samples t-test i. Cases are related – e.g., Before/after test ii. Single sample, before and after test. iii. Ie measuring before and after weight loss and gain starting herbal magic. iv. c. Independent samples t-test 1) Independent samples t-test a. Tests for differences in the mean for 2 unrelated (“independent”) groups. b. Ie difference between men and women, rural and urban, poor and rich c. Assumptions i. Normality 1. P-P, Q-Q, skew, kurtosis, histogram, MOCT ii. Homogeneity of variance 1. Levine’s test. iii. Independence of cases (except for the dependent/paired samples t-test 1. Different from independence of variables 2. Each case is different in the sample iv. Interval level data d. Equation – general form t= ́1−́x2 variance 1 variance2
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