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Lecture 3

Software Engineering Lecture 3 & 4.docx

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Software Engineering
SE 101
Edgar Mateos

Software Engineering Lecture 3 & 4 Engineering as a Profession  Working Environment o Unlike many professions, few engineers are self-employed o Many engineers are employed by companies  Particularly true for software engineers o General public rarely notes work of engineers  Major successes  Major failures  Television shows  Professional Engineering Titles o Person holding a license granted by legally constituted licencing body such as PEO is a professional engineer o Often allowed to use a title granted by a licensing body:  P.Eng in Canada o Title protected by Engineers Canada (known as CCPE before 2007) who monitor use of title on regular basis  Licensing vs Certification o Both verify and provide assurances about competency of those being certified/license o Provincial and state governments mandate licensing of professionals legally required to practice at a level consistent with public safety o Professional society may voluntarily operate a certification program to authenticate practitioners’ competency and inspire public confidence  Enforcement o PEO does not have resources to enforce licensing of every practicing engineer o Licensing (and enforcement) is most prevalent among civil  Most often employed by government or by general public o Cannot be expected to assess quality of engineer’s products or processes o Licensing is important to ensuring quality of work  Professional Engineers Act o Act delegates responsibility for regulating engineering profession in Ontario to PEO o Act contains provisions for:  Regulations  Govern engineering practice  Expand upon clauses of the Act for clear interpretation  Define academic and experience requirements of licensure  By-Laws  Define rules for administering the PEO  Code of ethics  Define rules for personal conduct  Provide guidance for individual engineers  Requirements for Licensure o Be 18 years of age o Canadian citizen or permanent resident o Be of good character o Meet education standards established by PEO o Pass Professional Practice Examination o Meet engineering experience requirements  P. Eng. Admission Process 1. Submission application 2. Evaluation of academic qualifications  (Up to) 20 3h exams or  Graduation from accredited Canadian university program or  Graduation from foreign institution recognized by CCPE 3. Professional Practice Examination (PPE)  Exam covering ethics, professional practice, law, & liability 4. Evaluation of engineering experience:  48 months minimum, including up to 12 months from work-term experience and/or graduation studies  Application o Can apply immediately following graduation from accredited program o Experience requires do not need to have been obtained  Up to one year of experience credit may be granted for post-graduate degree  Student Membership o Provides designation as student member of PEOP o Provides access to information directly from PEO o Currently free to students with proof of full-time registration as a student in accredited university program  Software engineering students at UW are eligible to register for student membership in PEO  Modern Ethical Theories o Consequentialist  Utilitarianism  Ethical egoism  Nationalism  Altrui
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