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Edgar Mateos

Intellectual Property November 20, 2012 Intellectual Property  Intellectual property is any tangible idea or invention  Engineers o Often responsible for the development of new designs and improvements to existing designs o Questions:  How is ownership of IP established?  How is ownership of IP protected?  Types of IP o Patents o Copyright o Industrial designs o Trademarks o Integrated circuit topographies o Trade secrets  Intellectual Property Databases o Searchable intellectual property databases are important sources of info  Allow designers to search for intellectual property right infringements  Provide a repository of intellectual property for reference o Intellectual property databases are maintained by governmental organization o Some governmental organizations that maintain databases of IP include the following:  Canadian Intellectual Property office  United States Patent and Trademark Office  World Intellectual Property Organization  Why protect IP? o Laws and conventions give the creator ownership of IP o Without protection, it may not be economical/practical to research and/or develop ideas and inventions o Eg:  Substantial investment required for drug research and development can only be justified if IP rights are protected  Patents o Governed by Patent Act and agreements with other countries o Give inventors the right to exclude others from making, using, or selling invention o Protect inventors from the day the patent is granted to a max of 20 years after the day on which the patent application was filed o Inventors may profit by selling or licensing patent o A patent…  Must be something new, useful, and ingenious  Can include:  Products  Apparatuses 
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