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Class Notes for STAT211 at University of Waterloo

Introductory Statistics and Sampling for Accounting

Exam Study Guides for STAT211

Covers all exam topics.

STAT211 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Average Absolute Deviation, Categorical Variable, Blood Type

Descriptive statistics plots and numerical summaries are used to describe a data set Plots For Categorical Variables Categorical variable, aka qualitative variable a variable that falls under one or more categories...

Joslin Goh
STAT211 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Simple Random Sample, Cluster Sampling, Statistical Inference

Individuals (cases or units) - objects on which a measurement is taken Population the set of all individuals or units of interest to an investigator May be finite or infinite Parameter a numerical characteristic of...

Joslin Goh
STAT211 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Descriptive Statistics, Scale-Invariant Feature Transform, Statistical Inference

Statistics is: A way of reasoning along with tools and methods to help us understand the world st The basis of the global economy in the 21 century Quantities calcula...

Joslin Goh
Statistics - Reference Guides

This Guide provides an easy to follow summary of all basic principles that are the foundation to Statistics and Probabilities. Using a combination of charts and sample equations, the key concepts are developed and the esse...

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