Lecture notes for class January 9 & 11

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Studies in Islam       
SI 101R
Idrisa Pandit

thJanuary 9 2012When you mention the word Islam you get a disconnection feeling from people who know nothing of Islam They find it hard to believe that Muslims believe the same God as ChristiansJews The essence of whom Muslims are come from one concept oneness Tawhid The Quran is a direct revelation of God The holy book is divided into 114 chapters One of the shortest chapters is called the i5la9 If one reads this chapter 3 times its as if you read the Quran 3 times all together The stories of the book all emanate from this chapter which focuses on the oneness of God It is essential to keep going back to Tawhid and separating it from the cultural interpretation of what it meansExample In South East Asia some people go to some holy graves and pray as if these dead people will give them something This gives people who dont know much about faiths a bad idea It is a present reality in the Muslim world where there is a misunderstanding on what to pray too Many people have mistranslated the Quran and misuse it God doesnt have a gender So He in the translations is no indication what gender God is God is the eternal and all mightyYou look around you and notice the ayat signs and you will take it as the existence of God Who created the sunThere are 99 names of God attributes of Gods that we humans dont acquire These are called Asmaa AlHosna We have some same attributes but nothing like GodRevelations the biggest conflict Muslims have with other religions is the denial of other religions to accept that this is the word of God the revelation of God What is this revelation Revelation was not something given to the prophet of Islam prophet Muhammad It was a revelation given to previous prophets before Muhammad God sent a message of the oneness of God to all prophets before MuhammadThe presence of God is close to Muslims all the time There is no specific time and placeHadith Qudsi is what was recorded many years after he died and it was about what he learnt about the Quran and how he behaved
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