VCULT 100 Lecture 6: Editing

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2 Aug 2016
VCULT Class 6: Editing
Unit is the cut
Coordinate 1 shot with another shot
oMatch qualities
oEmphasises contrast
oRelationship between shots
oVarious lengths of shots
oVariation between cuts
oPattern of close ups and far shots
Continuity Editing
oAllows space, time, action to flow smoothly over a series of shots
oPresents a clear, coherent story
oNot a lot of flashbacks
oShot-reverse-shot, re-establishing shot
oMatch on action
Cutting controls the viewers attention
oEg. can make someone anxious
Cross dissolve – superimpose one image over another
Cross cutting
oGives the viewer a sense of omniscience
oAlternates shots from 1 line of action with shots of other events and places
oDraws viewer in, builds suspense and/or parallels
oCamera cuts away from one action to another action
Can suggest the simultaneity of these two actions
Flashbacks/forwards, inter-titles
oJump cuts
oViolating 180-degree system
oJarring and disorienting
oCan force viewer to focus on piecing the narrative together
oNon-diegetic inserts: comes from outside the story
An image that doesn’t fit into the story
Graphic Editing
oLink shots together according to a pattern
oGraphic match
Eg. bone becoming a space ship in next scene
Montage*** Exam
oScenes/images expressed in two distinct shots
oEmphasis on fragmentation of shots rather than seamless integration
Iris wipe
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