VCULT100 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Jafar Panahi, Tahmineh Milani, Iranian New Wave

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2 Aug 2016
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National Cinemas – Iran
In Iran, most films from Jafar Panahi are prohibited, but lots of people watch it illegally
Regime with sever censorship, yet Panahi’s films are still very popular
oDuring the revolution, cinemas were burned with people inside!!
oSome Iran films are internationally famous, but are banned in Iran
oJafar Panahi was banned from making films, but he does it over the phone now
oFeminist directors: Tahmineh Milani
oSeem innocent, so they are easier to put on the screen without being banned
Are subject to inferiority
Represent the population at large who have to be submissive to authority
Iranian New Wave
oLong takes on someone’s face (medium of close up shots)
oNon-professional actors
oOn location shootings
oLack of funding, but also aesthetic choices
1997-2005 addressed issues of women’s rights
oJafar Panahi “the Circle” won a Golden Lion in Venice
oKiorastami’s “ten”
oMarzieh Makhmalbaf “The day I Became A Woman”
Pahlavi Dynasty
oIntroduced reforms around women’s rights
omore women getting into medicine
omore rights, etc.
Cross Dressing
oActing (natural acting)
oShot behind a stadium, makes it seem real as it is imperfect
oStorylines are very natural (guard’s sad family story)
oLong shots make it feel like you are a guard watching
oNatural lighting
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