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Women's Studies
WS 102
Tina Davidson

WS 102 HETEROSEXUALITY: IDENTITY & RELATIONSHIPS JAN 28 Sexuality - important aspect of identity at personal and community level Sexual identity - categorized through determining if the self is heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual based on attraction to people of a given sex Sexual scripts - set of socialized guidelines for shaping and attaining sexual pleasure. Reflect social norms/culture. Among heterosexual couples, the sexual script is heavily based on gender roles, organized so men have power in patriarchal society, women expected to prioritize men’s emotional/sexual needs. Heterosexual scripts - exaggerated in sex trade industry. Ex. Exotic dancingperformance seems effortless, not seen as work, just for male’s viewing pleasure. Reinforces the double standard. Heteronormaltivity - the way society views and constructs heterosexuality is the norm, also known as compulsory heterosexuality (heterosexuality is most ideal sexuality) Media reinforces this: gay couples become focus on show, whereas heterosexual couples are normal) PDA of gay couples unacceptable. Holiday sells heterosexual merchandise. (valentine’s day) Heterosexism - system of beliefs claiming superiority of heterosexuality. Romantic love - the unique bond between couples, tied to dating. Dating: consumer behavior, buying stuff for romance 4 stages of falling in Love 1. Original attraction: physical or perception of similar behavior/interests 2. Responding to the assessments of others of their parents, learn to self-disclose 3. Assess each other for compatible martial scripts 4. Marry or make private/public commitment - Research focused on gender differences in love - In developed societies, men are FILO (first in, last out of love) while women are LIFO Love Myth: script for recognizing love. Based on assumption that love is… - Natural and cannot be helped/stopped - Different from other kinds of love - Falling out of love is sudden, equally natural, and cannot be helped Feminization of Love - idea that women are better at love than men because of their gender roles (warmth, openness to emotions, sensitivity) - Men show love through instrument characteristics (financial support, initiating sex) WS 102 HETEROSEXUALITY
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