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University of Waterloo
Women's Studies
WS 102
Tina Davidson

WS 102 ACTIVISMS MARCH 4 What is Activism - An intentional action to bring about social, political, economic or environmental change - Deliberate action “doing something” intended to create change - Based on a perceived injustice or some other social wrong How Activism Works - Wide range of diverse actions “methods” ranging from letter-writing to boycotts, parades, sit-ins - Can be peaceful or completed violent - Methods differ according to audience, some seek to change government policies/laws, while some seek to change individual behavior - Media attention helps gain attention of a large audience - Some methods attempt to persuade individuals to change their attitude toward an issue which can be used to pressure institutions like businesses/laws/government to change  Environmental/conservational movement  Recycling started out as individual, then government got involved and enforced it Feminism and Activism - Feminism perceived as a form of activism - Feminism is comprised of many theories, issues, focal points which require activist approaches - Incorporates a wide variety of types of activism to achieve goals First Wave Forms of Activisms - Government and laws  Methods used: petitions, letter writing, court cases (set precedents to change how law works), support of male politicians - Media  Public protests, riots, getting arrested, hunger strikes, letters to the editor, essays - Individual Attitudes  Mock parli
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