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University of Waterloo
Women's Studies
WS 102
Tina Davidson

WS 102 VIOLENCE: and masculine identity MARCH 18 INTRODUCTION - Violence affects men and women, but there are differences in ways they experience and are socialized around violence  Ex. whatever local murder rates are, most women who are murdered by someone whom they had/have an romantic relationship with  Domestic violence against men are less severe  Men mostly murdered by strangers  Women are mostly victims of sexualized and intimate violence  About 1200 women are killed every year by their significant other vs. 300 men - Men are socialized towards more violence understanding of themselves, their social status, and their masculinity - Violence occurs at birth and until elder age MEN AND SOCIALIZATION TOWARDS VIOLENCE - Sexual proprietariness: idea that men are permitted to think of women as their sexual/reproductive/domestic property  Slaves, servants, wives, children viewed as a form of property - Western common law has codified/unwritten tolerance of men who murder their cheating wives because sexual ownership of women - Men who murder are not treated as mentally disturbed  instead treated as normal men who were provoked - American women 5x likely to be murdered by husband  Even more likely when in a violent neighborhood - Rule of thumb: husbands are legally able to hit their wives with something that’s not bigger than his thumb - Loss of consortium: [consortium=domestic comfort] wife in event of accident men sue because wife is not able to fully perform sexually, take care of children, sue as if his rights are taken away - Idea of sexual harassment didn’t exist - Men were legally able to rape their wives - Pressures of being poor can cause men to become violence towards their wives  Experts say many men convicted of domestic violence are poor, BUT  Majority of men who are poor don’t commit domestic violence  Those who committed the murder say its because of sexual proprietary VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN - Includes physical violence, sexual violence, economic, spiritual, emotional  Multiple tend of occur at the same time - Most violence against women occur in home, with someone they know - Most women globally at some point of their lives, on regular basis, will be in fear of male strangers and feel vulnerable in public spaces  But violence experienced by women are not initiated by strangers - Family is one of the most dangerous social institutions for females VIOLENCE AND THE FEMALE LIFECYCL
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