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Gender Issues My notes are baller. I wouldn't have passed the course if I didn't go to class and take these.

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Women's Studies
WS 222
Shannon Dea

Arguments of Article bell hooksCannot separate gender issues from raceclassTraditional feminism came from women with still a lot of freedoms it consisted of trulyoppressed groups of womenTraditional feminism excluded women who were actually opposed minorities and used them asa vehicle to get their point across but they werent really helping themIt was harder to make things better for all women as opposed to just specific groupsCertain womens voices were silenced from the mainstream assumption that all women becamesisters because they all shared in sufferings this is not trueWomens sufferings are different some suffer due to race due to gender discrimination economically ect all women naturally become sisters because they are all oppressed by genderbell hooks believed that this was not true she did not feel we were all connected due to gender discrimination Sisterhood is global Most cultures are Patrioticalbased off of the male modelWhen there is domination of one vision it is difficult to come up with new visions therefore it is
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