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WS102 Lecture Notes - Mass Media, Vice Principals, The Hidden Curriculum

Women's Studies
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Tina Davidson

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Growing Up Girls
Influences of Education on gender roles
*what we are talking about here is the processes of socialization, whereby we learn
how to function as members of our social groups.
*Socialization is a lifelong process. It can be direct and intentional or indirect and
subconscious. It can be blatant or subtle.
Girls have the more ability to develop androgynous traits than boys
Boys are not permitted to behave like girls but girls are easily accepted
Gender stereotype flexibility – starts to understand that boys has to behave
this way and vice versa with girls but understanding that everyone is
*Socialization occurs everywhere, in that there are many agencies of socialization
Agencies of Gender Identity Socialization
*Parents (and other significant adult role models)
*Teachers model gendered behaviours and encourage gender appropriate expectations
in their young students.
*Peer Group teaches children to negotiate relationships and to identify with gendered
behaviour patterns.
*Mass media
Education systems
In 1840s Canada, schooling assumed new importance in socializing the entire
*school is an impersonal agency of socialization. Children learn to understand
themselves as one among many.
*formal education in Canada began in the mid 1800s because of Industrialization and
labour rules regarding children.
*North American schools have always tended to reflect the values and goals and
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