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University of Regina
Art History
Carmen Robertson

Mar. 6/14 Guest Speaker: Dr. Chin IS ASIA TOMORROW OR YESTERDAY? Introduction to Visual Cultures of Asia • The Westerneconomy is no longer the strongest in the world - fact • How many of us depend on goods made in Asia? Fact • China is now Saskatchewan's second largest trading partner - fact • US economic strength is waning • US 60% of Saskatchewan exports • China 46% • Inda • UK • Japan • What will be your job upon graduation? • Fall of Han dynasty 220 CE • China is divided and civil wars ensues • Northern & Southern dynasties 265 - 589 CE • Sui dynasty c. 581- 600 • China reunified under Tang dynasty 618 - 906 CE • 5 Dynasties 900 - 60 • Song 960 - 1279 (renesance in China) • Not strong army, had social welfare, patronage of the arts • Yuan 1279 - 1368; Marco Polo traveler from Venice - Kublia Khan • Ming 1368 - 1644; age of European exploration - return to chinese rule/exporation • Qing 1644 - 1911 - • Pic of Seated Buddha, Cave 20, Yungang Caves, N. Wei dynasty, c. 460 CE (4-15) • Described as a super human being - that's why they are so large • Pic of Four treasures of the Scholar: bush, ink, stone for grinding ink, paper • Pic of Fan Kuan (990 - 1030) Travelers in the Mountains - Ink and colours on silk/11th c. Northern Song dynasty/Painting based on nature and its grandeur/was a Daoist  Depict the universal nature of mountains and trees • Seated Guanyin/Liao dynasty/10th - 11th c/wood with paint Fig. 9- 8/has feminine qualities/became a supernatural beings/became capable of great miracles/when the patron commissioned the statue - it gave him a place in heaven • 9-14) Shen Zhou, Poet on a Mountain Top, album leaf, ink & colours on paper, c. 1500CE - calligraphy/Painting about calligraphy and the writer's hand; scholar/literati art. The subject is merely a tope for carrying brushwork that denotes meaning • The subject becomes the trope - carrying about one's brushwork, creates the strokes, etc., carries meaning • Used atmosphereic perspective/mountains, clouds, trees/mainly interested in using the brush to apply ink  Civil service exams pick people on merit not birth/what they are capable of •Withdrew their services from the throne/Kublah Kan did not know how to run a country with artists/culture •People withdrew and practiced their poetry, art, etc. •They claim as their ideal do not accept money for making their art  Pic of Heavenly Purity, Forbidden Palace, Beijing,/ 1406, Ming-Qing dynasties -  Traditional chinese construction was different than the western construction (post & lintel) •Chinese build with brackets/makes buildings stronger •Bracketting was known as early as the 1st c •Pic of Marble terrace of Forbidden Palace - ballistrades • Bracketing (dougong): an overhang that carries support across a beam • Old as New • He Jingtang, China pavilion, Expo 2010, traditional dougong architectural technique, Shanghai (now China Art Centre) • THE ARTS OF THE COUNTRY • 4-23) Inner Shrine of Ise, early 1st c.' rebuilt 1993, wood  Indigenous belief/Shinto (Way of Gods)/Purity/animism/respecting nature around you - shrine to sun goddess •Pic of grainery/built only from cypress wood/only high priestess and emperor are allowed to enter •Pic of 4-21) Korean/Maitreya/Gilt bronze/7th c/3 Kingdoms period/buddah - sitting in contemplation of the coming of the next age •Pic of 4-24) Main compound, Horuyji, Nara, late 7th c/would throw out old paintings, etc when something new came • Japanese kept and preserved these items/find chinese style temples in Japan •Buddhists were not sectarian, were scholars •Pic of Kondo, Horyuji, Nara, 7th c/with the arrival of Buddhism co
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