5th Century Athens Notes about the Dark Ages from Greece. Includes: Athens internationally, Persian War, Delian League, Athens at Home, Government, and Festivals.

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September 17th, 2010
5th Century Athens: Polis and Empire Equality and Subjugation
Dark Age in Greece: ca 1100-800 BCE
The following disappeared in the above time period
-palace culture
-pop (decreased)
-trade btw palace centers and other lands
-military agricultural, artistic technologies
-grand art and architecture
-luxuries like gold jewellery, inlaid weaponry, bathtubs
-continued and long-lasting settlement (great migration occurred)
The only good thing that happened was migration, close to Athens
Polis/poleis (plural):
Self governing city w/ own constituting, laws, gov, military and taxation
Most poleis have fortified lower town, defensible citadel, and main city/town land surrounding it
By 600 there were 950 of these, w/ small pop and small size
600 in the Mediterranean
Plato writes Poleis scattered all through the Mediterranean sea
Many of them developed from the migrations that happened
Went as far out as Italy and North Africa
Most of these poleis fought incisively w/ each other over land
Soon Athens became the biggest and influential poleis in the 5th century
Gave us democracy, art, architecture, literature and so on
Athens Internationaly
Persina war 490-79 BCE
Delian League
Peloponnesian War 431-404 BCE
Persian War
Started threatening and taking over many of the poleis
These poleis gave them more money and sources
Some of the city states rose up in revolt and seeked help from the mother cities
Athens sent ships and did not do so well Persians got pissed
492 was the first time the Persians went out, but never actually reached any of the poleis, but got lost
Battle of Marathon in 490 BCE was when the Persians reached the poleis
Athens helped, and msg was sent to Sparta, but Sparta said they were bsy atm w/ religious stuff
Athenians won this first battle 192 Athenians dead and over 6000 Persians
Significance was that the Athenians realized that they could beat the Persiansbefore this they just gave in to them
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