PSYC102 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Fallopian Tube, Morning Sickness, Vocal Folds

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28 Jul 2016
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Lecture 5 11.1 Developmental dignity
Prenatal development Conception to birth (38 weeks)
- Zygote stage (0-2 weeks).o Fertilization (in fallopian tubes) and rapid cell
division o Implantation (day 7)
- Embryotic stageo Specialized cell division.
o Organ and body systems begin to form.
o 1 inch long.- Fetal stage (8 weeks old).
o Development of bone cells and hardening of skeletal structure.
- 12 weeks = vocal cords, sex organs
- 16 weeks = 5 1 2 inches long, hair growth, movement
- 20 weeks = sex organs are visible.
- 22-26 weeks = age of visibility. Thalidomide
- Sedative used from the 1950’s used for morning sickness from 1957-
1961. Caused malformations of babies when taken by pregnant women.
Pholomela: Malformations of face, ears, nose, limbs.
- Drugs can influence prenatal development and acne drugs, high doses
of vitamin A, Lithium, male hormones, antibiotics, anticonvulsant
medication, cancer fighting medication, thyroid meds. Infancy and childhood
1- Motor development
2- Cephalocaudal trend (limb growth)
3- Proximodistal trend
4- Language development
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5- Cognitive development
6- Social development: attached to people in our
environment. Separation anxiety.
7- Moral development Adolescence
- Puberty
- Identity development
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