SOC320 Lecture Notes - Hostile Work Environment, Premarital Sex, Power Tool

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Published on 7 Feb 2013
-most like takes place in places where people congregate
-schools, universities, workplaces, family settings
-studies revealed that women who are not assertive tend to be victimized
2 forms:
1. Quid pro quo sexual harassment
-“I give you this, you give me that”
2. Hostile environment sexual harassment
-comments about the body
-people at the bottom of the hierarchy
-they have occupational powerlessness
-more likely to be harassed
-if a boss, most likely to be left alone
-as women achieve positions of power, increasingly, female superiors are harassing male inferiors
-the power dimension
-what are becoming fairly common, female primary school teachers having affair w/ their young male boy students
-many people say that it has nothing to do w/ sex
-desire to degrade and humiliate
-in America, about 100 000 women report being raped per year
-but rape is one of the most underreported crimes in the US
Why? b/c of the stigma that is attached to it
-in Ontario, in order to make it easier for women to report it, we have rape shield laws
-when the case goes to trial, the media cannot reveal the woman’s name Jane Doe
-we know that rape is underreported due to victimization surveys
-when asked women if they has ever been raped, the numbers increased from 100 000 to ½ a million
-in Canada, the number in 2005 was 26000 but probably only 1/5 the real number (didn’t include survey)
-thus, the principle motive is domination and humiliation
-arise from early sexual preferences
-children abused as children are more likely to engage in it when they are adults
-children who were not sexually abused are less likely to be abused as adults
-children may have had emotionally cold and distant fathers
Social conditions associated w/ rape:
-Warhistorically, those who were defeated in war, the victors would come and rape all the women of the
defeated city
Ex. Red army who moved into Berlin; Germans did the same when they invaded Holland
-“macho” male fraternities
-some research in participation of athletics
-men also get raped by other men
-the law says that it’s impossible for women to rape men
-takes place in total institutions
-where people are kept 24 hours a day, all year long, and year after year
-ex. prison, boarding school, military barracks
-10% of all rape is male on male
-most men who rape other men were heterosexual when they went into prison
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-but motivated by the desire to dominate and subjugate
power trip
-some people become sexually aroused by dominating other people
=Sadism Marquee de sad
-sexual arousal is produced by domination
-some people get aroused by being dominated
-SMN # ? = Masochism sexual gratification depends on suffering, physical pain, and humiliation
-not completely a power trip
Date Rape:
-not necessarily involving strangers
-for the most part rape takes place b/w people who know each other
-many times b/w familyuncles, stepfathers
-sometimes called acquaintance rapewhen parties know each other
-sometimes trusted religious figure or just a friend
-women are more likely to report stranger rape than date rape
-ex. “he said, she said”
-ex. Koby Bryant
-if a woman is raped, a lot of them will immediately take a shower or bath which takes away the evidence
-legal in Canada
-obscenity is illegal
-undue exploitation of sex by community standards
-who decides if something is obscene? Judge or jury
-decision is the reflection of what is acceptable in the community
-difficult to tell when someone crosses the line from being erotic to being obscene
-sex w/ violence, sex involving children, bestiality, sex involving degradation all are obscene
-sexually explicit material given huge boost from technology
-where does opposition to porn come from?
-religious groups: associated w/ breakdown in morality
-say that porn leads to increases in divorce, illegitimacy, premarital sex, adultery
-women’s groups: divided
-some oppose and some don’t
-sex positive feminismdon’t oppose it
-some women’s groups see porn as a power tool
-porn objectifies women
-that argument is that women are exploited by porn, but if you look at the industry, women make the money
-porn industry is increasingly dominated by women who make the couples filmsthe ones that married couples
-female porn stars have the right to choose their own sexual partner
-however, men are also objectified by porn
-attempts to ban porn have to also take this into account
-community standards try to balance it out
-snuff (to kill) moviein some movies, people are actually killed
-community standards argument tries to balance free expression
-attempts to compromise
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