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Lecture 10

ANTH 100A – Lecture 10 (October 9, 2013) Dr. Charles Menzies.docx

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ANTH 100
Charles Menzies

ANTH 100A – Lecture 10 (October 9, 2013) Dr. Charles Menzies Making a Living Ashore • women in fishing societies ◦ many of these societies would not exist without these ◦ Skipper's wife is instrumental in continuing livelihood ▪ women look at bills and organize ◦ division of labour ▪ who does what and how do we determine it? ▪ by gender: men are fishing; women do sales/marketing, dock maintenance, economic management ◦ strong, independent, politically engaged women who are involved in wider processes ▪ a woman-centered family; manage household ◦ women's unpaid labour ▪ child care ▪ household tasks ▪ financial work • socio-economic differences ◦ differences between owning a fishing boat and being a deckhand ▪ fishing boat owners - larger class vessels, require larger crew ▪ women rarely worked outside of firm/family boat company; usually equivalent of manage/CEO ▪ have more time for socials ▪ smaller boats - fewer crew ▪ women typically also worked outside home ▪ deckhands ▪ women gainfully employed outside of home; women had to only manage home, not also boat business ▪ don't have much time for socials ◦ social world is non-homogeous • work at sea is only one portion of fishing town (only
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