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Lecture 8

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ANTH 100
Charles Menzies

ANTH 100A – Lecture 8 (October 2, 2013) Dr. Charles Menzies Agenda: • race and racism • hemmed in and shut out • ethnicity and racialization Race, Racialism, and Racism • race ◦ a human population category whose boundaries allegedly correspond to distinct sets of biological attributes ◦ common sense of race assumes there are these distinct groups ◦ don't start seeing concept of race until relatively recently in human history; people didn't used to separate into categories • racism ◦ the systemic oppression of one group or groups on the basis of 'race' ▪ systemic - larger structure of society ▪ distinction between person who individually doesn't like a group and society as a whole ◦ access to institutions of higher learning, wage differences, access to free religion ◦ until 50's, there were 3 categories of labour (white, aboriginal, asian) with 2 sub categories (men and women) - different wage scales in each of these categories and sub categories ▪ jobs women have been doing are classed at lower pay scale people stated that women have smaller fingers so are better than men for small, delicate work, but was disproved and shown there is no division, just a range ▪ people may also be identified by place of residence • racialism ◦ a belief in the existence of biologically distinct races Problems with 'Race' Concept • all the so-called races of human beings are imagined communities ◦ constructed group, we created them, don't fit with biological evidence • the traditional concept of race in Western societies is biologically and genetically meaningless ◦ more genetic diversity within a group than between groups ◦ no sound concept of race, but it persists ▪ we create social meaning for particular groups, and then they have power or don't have power • racial categories have their origins in society, not biology ◦ we focussed on external physical attributes and used them for judging people ◦ focus on one attribute of another person and decide they are inferior to us Race as a Cultural Construction • racial
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