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Lecture 7

ANTH 100A – Lecture 7 (September 30, 2013) Dr. Charles Menzies.docx

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University of British Columbia
ANTH 100
Charles Menzies

ANTH 100A – Lecture 7 (September 30, 2013) Dr. Charles Menzies Agenda: • Nation • Nations and Region as Interrelated Systems • Globalization Nations and Nationalism •Nation ◦ a group of people believed to share the same history, culture, language, and even physical substance •Nation-State ◦ an ideal political unit in which national identity and political territory coincide. ◦ in 1900, only Western extremes of Europe were considered "white" ◦ "bad way to organize humanity" •Nationality ◦ a sense of identification with and loyalty to a nation-state •Citizenship ◦ tied to packages of political, social rights ◦ i.e., Minutemen Nations and Regions - Interrelated Systems • is everyone moving to same goal, just at different paces? • Modernization Theory ◦ all societies pass through a series (the same series) of (Western European) developments ◦ rationalize production (more efficient) ◦ "Take-Off Model" ▪ starts slowly, works up energy, then suddenly takes off • Dependency Theory ◦ all the countries that got locked off from European import started imports themselves; continuously knocked down to benefit Europe ◦ the development of the few at the expense of the many ◦ Case Study ▪ Kitsumkalum - an indigenous nation in northern BC ▪ had land under control until late 1800s, when industrial capitalist fisheries and forestry ▪ lost capacity to control economic processes erosion of possession ▪ creation of a 'traditional' sector by colonial regime ▪ creation of a 'commercial' sector apart from the 'traditional' sector ▪ became marginalized in their own home - went from being a part of major economy to being apart from the economy ◦ provides counterpoint to narratives • World Systems Theory ◦ idea of exchange - capitalism is a system of exchange (emerged in 1400s and 1500s), in contrast to capitalism a system of production (emerged in late 1800s; fishing
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