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Lecture 4

ANTH 100A – Lecture 4 (September 16, 2013) Dr. Charles Menzies.docx

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University of British Columbia
ANTH 100
Charles Menzies

ANTH 100A – Lecture 4 (September 16, 2013) Dr. Charles Menzies • What does your prof want? ◦ how to find the right road to travel on ▪ read assigned materials ▪ compare what is discussed in class with readings ▪ highlighting particular aspects/part of reading ▪ go back to readings. what does author want? ▪ frame the readings and lecture notes into questions ▪ will do in Friday's tutorial - how to form good questions • Agenda ◦ ethnocentrism and morality ◦ culture and society ◦ case studies •Culture and Society ◦ Culture: sets of learned behaviours and ideas; things human acquire as members of society; depends on where you live; not genetically wired into us. ideology, values, behaviours that arise from particular organization ◦ Society: collective organization of a group of people; shared history and culture; subgroups. some anthropologists use them interchangeably, but Menzies doesn't. complex societies contain multiple distinctive cultural groups within it ◦ models remove complexity to reveal underlying aspect, used to expand culture and look at individual pieces; but model cannot catch everything, or become more confusing than the society that it was supposed to be explaining •Ethnocentrism and Relativism ◦ Ethnocentrism - belief that only 'my' way of knowing the world is right and everything else is wrong. ◦ ethnographic fallacy - "I'm always right, you're always wrong"; anthropology recognizes that and tries to confront it with relativism - "don't judge, anything goes" ◦ relativistic fallacy - that it is impossible to make moral decisions. we do evaluate right from wrong ◦ Obje
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