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Lecture 3

ANTH 100A – Lecture 3 (September 11, 2013) Dr. Charles Menzies.docx

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ANTH 100
Charles Menzies

ANTH 100A – Lecture 3 (September 11, 2013) Dr. Charles Menzies Agenda: • anthropology as a multi-disciplinary discipline • culture and society Anthropology Point of View • looking beyond everyday experiences and into what is actually happening • seek out patterns; actions and regularity of what is happening • holism - don't want to narrow in. creates potpourri of everything, tries a whole range of different things to make sense of whole picture as a counter to determinism (you don't have a voice, you just act). also breaks down study of humanity into many different pieces, all of which we want to see and understand. sometimes experiences of everyday are not effective, need to break it apart and re-connect them differently • Historical Realism vs. Idealism - puts two things against each other that helps us understand the world but the world is never bifurcated like that. ◦ historical realism - ◦ idealism - suggests all but what we think shapes the worlds in which we live Anthropology is a multi-disciplinary discipline: • socio-cultural, • archaeological, • linguistic, • physical, • applied - tries to take knowledge we have and apply it to specific social problems (i.e. healthcare, politics, education, resource management) • museum - anthropology started in private and public museums, not in universities • visual - use of things like film to create images and films in an anthropological sense to make sense of the world; sub-field of socio-cultural • In N America, main 4 are ◦ biological/physical - says we're all use apes, looking at emergence from non-human primate cousins, forensic anthropology included, microscopic looking at bone structures, health and dietary problems ◦ archaeological - conclusions are often completely wrong when compared to living descent of communi
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