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Lecture 17

ANTH 100A – Lecture 17 (November 13, 2013) Dr. Charles Menzies.docx

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ANTH 100
Charles Menzies

ANTH 100ALecture 17 November 13 2013 Dr Charles Menzies The Cultural Construct of Violence o Marvin Gaye on war o Father father we dont need to escalateYou see war is not the answerFor only love can conquer hateYou know were got to find a wayTo bring some loving here today Agenda o How to societies create a bias in favour of collective violence o How do societies create a bias against violent conflict o What are the economical political or social differences between peaceful and violent societies Violent Conflict o Violent conflict is a part of human nature o Violence is a cultural construction o Are human beings naturally violent or do acts of violence come about through our own problems o Consider the following o What kinds of meanings are constructed to encourage people to violence o Are there significant social economic or political differences between violent and peaceful societiesWhat are they How do Societies Create a Bias in Favour of Collective Violence o
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