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ANTH 100
Sunaina Assanand

SOCB43Lecture 42014Jan30Religion rejections of the worldsystematic methodical way of thinking this total system of life practice has deep influence on every aspect of life he was comparing Christianity to see how it relates to the worldoSalvation religionmeans saving save from the world which is thought of which according to salvation religions are corrupt dirty fallen when people believe that they are not actually governed by the world that exists when there is a greater law above the current law they do not feel obligated by the world they do not feel the need to change the bonds between relatives are not as important because there are more important relationships this is fundamentally transformative because it introduces the idea that your obligations and loyalties do not just go to your neighbors and your relativesoEthic of brotherlinesshow this type of religions deals with the world the ethic of brotherliness comes into tension in conflict with the world as people pursue this ethic that means they are pursuing their goals and life in a pure way according to their ethic that is when doing business its just about business no morality friendship etcoActive religionalthough the world is fallen and corrupt we can do something about it not just other worldly but also inner worldlyYou can only care about the saved ones the chosen ones and you should work hard as you know the people who are the saved ones as well will work hard and reach at the same height as you areoEconomytensions in economic aspectImpersonalmoney has no face doesnt matter who you are where you come from theres no tag of a particular person most importantly if you are a good business person you treat everybody the same way for example if you know someone for 25 years and fires him but you should not get blamed for doing it because a good businessman does things impersonaloPoliticalsalvation religion usually comes in conflict with the political life because it encourages people to completely reorganize things tensions in political aspect includeImpersonalityapply universal stand points to everyone an idea that nothing should be personal it should all be about politicsPowerpeople who are above and people who are belowViolencestates use violence to control the means of killing people there is one legitimate agency that we accept to murder that is the state when states go to war the ethic of brotherliness cant stand brother killing brother there is something fundamentally violent about politicsRealpolitikdespite moralities and friendship only about goals just about politicsPatriotismthe state claim the right to start wars that declares powerful bond between communities of the same state and that bond can rival with the bond in religion with the ethic of brotherliness the sense of community can be more profound than religions life now has meaning of patriotism and not from religion
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