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ANTH 100
John Barker

Encountering OthernessthJanuary 18 2012Encountering otherness ParochialismEthnocentrismRomanticismCultural RelativismRaceEthnicity 1 Parochialism until very recently in human history the vast majority of people never visited or traveled more than 50km from where they were born Because of this people tended to be suspicious of strangers and their strange ways limitation of views and interests defined by ones local area 2 Ethnocentrism the attitude encouraged by the way we learn culture because our own culturally learned behaviors feel natural those of others may look strange and even threatening Judging other cultures by the standards that ones own culture holdsbelief that ones own ethnic group is superior3 Romanticism encountering other ways of life beings awareness of somewhat arbitrary natural our own ways of thinking and behaving This may make us defensive and critical of cultural differences but may also become critical of our own ways Doesnt explain the real way of life of others4 Cultural Relativism before we make a judgement on another culture we must und
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