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ANTH 100
John Barker

Economics as a Cultural System thJanuary 30 2012What is the purpose of food production According to the slow food movement agriculture is about relationships between humans and between humans and the environment Industrial agriculture focuses mainly on productionFood is about a lot more than subsistence If it was we would just eat the same thing every daywe dontwe relate it to cultureA pleasure comes from growing own foodbecomes a way of lifePerspective on economic systemsEconomic studies parts of production exchange consumption This approach can make economics appear to be naturally occurring systems with their own laws and patterns of developmentIn an anthropological perspective economies are fundamentally cultural learned as is kinships as in languageseverythingEthos moral tone of a society what is right what is wrongBasic patterns of distribution exchangeReciprocity giving with the obligation to return equal value Redistribution group giving to one person or office which is later redistributed to all or some of the groupMarket exchange buying and selling goods via a centralized market
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