ANTH 100 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Relational Model, Social Reality, Ethnocentrism

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17 Oct 2013
ANTH 100A Lecture 11 (October 16, 2013) Dr. Charles Menzies
Social Class
Birthday Cake Model
layers stacked on top of each other, sometimes some frosting/filling,
sometimes difficult to see boundaries between layers
no essential differences
most people are middle class
movement between layers is relatively easy
individualist notion of group identity
each layer is essentially the same but for the location
boundaries are marked off, but icing may bleed into layers, making
precise determination difficult and decision is arbitrary
compare educational attainment to personal income
use comparative analyses to separate layers
doesn't help with social locations or relationships between groups of
Relational Model
social change, political struggle, relations
Mode of Production - Relations of Production - how you organize
production; effective to Relational Model
Does one own the means of production, or does one have to sell their
labour to the people who own the means of production?
Social reality will always be more complex than model
Need to look to see what's actually happening and not be
blinded by model
Model is an abstract representation
Exercise - Think-Pair-Share
Determine what is happening in the photo
changing tire in commercial garage setting
Describe the work place setting as you imagine it
a few bays with lifts and oil pits to do multiple mechanical jobs,
including changing tires but also changing oil, replacing parts,
What might be the possible class relations here?
Birthday Cake
a upper-class person who doesn't have knowledge in a
mechanical role may bring their vehicle here to be
worker is likely seen as lower-class (depending on
location in world), but has better knowledge in this area
than the upper-class person
people pay to have labour completed
Fieldwork focuses on culture
What is culture?
definition needs to be derived
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