ANTH 100 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Bigouden, Intensive Farming, Neoliberalism

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17 Oct 2013
ANTH 100A Lecture 6 (September 25, 2013) Dr. Charles Menzies
Symbols of Struggle in a Global Context
Globalization, Neoliberalism, and Culture
Three case studies: t-shirts, hog farms, and the Bigoudennie
Local culture and global forces: strikes and symbols in the Bigouden
Relate abstract concepts to specific case studies - similar to exams; maybe apply
theme from one ethnography to another work
The Emergence of Neoliberalism
Neoliberalism - allow individual entrepreneurs to operate without restriction;
have free markets, free trade
state should be limited to safeguarding of money, police; should have
no place in limiting business
limit role of the state to enforcement of civil society
Nation State
economic regulation
laws externalize costs
take all associated costs with producing something and narrow
it to a thin range and shift burden to someone else
everyone has to pay carbon tax, but most carbon is emitted
by a few companies
monopoly of coercive force
application of force is essential to protect access to critical
Globalization of T-Shirts
Hog Hotels
chicken farms - everything was local
Tyson's chickens starts because they offered transportation outside of
modern hog farms are factory complexes
the culmination of industrialized agriculture
everything done by machines
no human interaction
conditions akin to concentration camp
Industrial Capitalism in the Bigoudennie
Episode, not Epoch - notion that there are larger periods,
From Peasant to Worker
Rise of the Trawl
Social Relations of Production
gender division of labour
men kept idea of old style of sharing
people stayed in place here and found themselves incorporated into the local
culture in a way that cultivated a local sense of identity
Local Culture and Global Forces
recognize there are large-scale global forces that act same way no matter where
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