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University of British Columbia
ANTH 227
Dan Small

Anthropology 227 - Medical Anthropology January 8 . 2013 Focus: Experience of illness and applied medical anthropology - A patient is a site for a story rather than simply a site for disease - Medical anthropology is not a discipline is not simply a place where medicine and culture meet. The task of medical anthropology is not simply to study different applications of medicine and approaches to diseases. Medicine = culture - Personhood is the center of medical anthropology. Personhood is a process for describing the ongoing negotiations between the self as the center of the experience. - Personhood = culturally defined concept. Culture - in essence is a collection of implicit or explicit values that underscore our understandings and the way we interpret and engage in life. - It’s not possible to “step into the same cultural river twice” = constantly changing Medicine - not purely science - Not purely objective or evidence based - It is deeply humanistic Heisenberg Uncertainty Principal - You can’t measure the speed of an electron and at the same time measure its mass. The act of measurement effects the thing that you are measuring. Medical anthropology - examines alternative realities, realities creased by culture, culture creased by you and I. - can tell us how is it possible for an activity to be illegal in one time, legal in another and acceptable health case in a
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