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Lecture 3

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ANTH 227
Dan Small

Anthropology 227 – Medical Anthropology January 22 nd 2013 Emotional capital Narratives show people resisting the sick role - Sometimes patients know more about the illness than the clinician There is a dynamic between the well informed patient, and the “all-knowing” clinician. These two worlds interact – clinicians today are struggling with the dramatically informed patient. What should a clinician do if the patient doesn’t do what they want? Dismiss the patient, because there needs to be a sense of trust of the clinician’s perspective of treatment Reflection/healing - Illness narratives could potentially shift to healing narratives - Bring meaning, helps explain the meaningness - Brings forth the “why” – how to move forward with the narrative of an individual - Illness narratives can bring forth all of the experience for both the individual and the patient In order to understand why people do/do not do what you want must realize that people are not an empty vessel that can be filled with medical knowledge. Physical appearance - If you’re talking to a clinician who has one foot out the door = inclined to feel unimportant - The humanity of medicine, the art of medicine, the science of medicine Science and medicine is not the same thing Narratives give us a taste of that difference - The experience of something is very central to the analysis of the situation Article Presentation: The Nature of Suffering and the Goals of Medicine by Eric J. Cassel Suffering - Patients often suffer as a result of treatment - What is suffering? - 1. Suffering is experienced by person: Personhood 2. Suffering occurs when an impending destruction of the person is
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