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Biol 121- 2010.04.09- Ecology- Population Dynamics (Ch. 52).docx

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University of British Columbia
Applied Biology
APBI 200
Paul Hewitt

Biol 121 225 Freeman 11811193Apr 9 10 Ecology Population Dynamics Population dynamics population dynamicschange in populations through time find patterns in natural populations in addition to exponential and logistic growth why do all populations stop growing What limits growth rate and 1 Densityindependent factors population size when b or d is not influenced by population density eg abiotic environmental changes such as weather patterns and disturbances 2 Densitydependent factors increase in d decrease in b as population density increasesnegative feedback there are extrinsic and intrinsic factors that are densitydependent Extrinsic factors sensitivity to some limiting resource which limits reproduction eg decrease in theeggs laid territory boundariesneed certain space between nests etc crowdingincreases mortality eg smaller frailer individuals predationmore predators leads to less prey Intrinsic factors hormonal changescan lead to aggressive behaviour delay in sexual maturation time as population density increases Density dependent factors densitydependent factors define K for a particular habitat Relationship to K K depends on the quality of habitat food space accumulation of waste K varies with timecan change year to year characteristics of species are also looked at eg larger sized species need more food space etc Density dependent factors r is the intrinsic rate of increase maxRelationship to r it is genetically determined but can vary with the environment maxeg in L vivipara at low el
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