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Biol 121- 2010.04.12- Ecology- Biodiversity and Conservation (Ch. 55).docx

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Applied Biology
APBI 200
Paul Hewitt

Biol 121 225 Freeman Ch 55Apr 12 10 Ecology Biodiversity and Conservation Measures of biodiversity 2 1 Species richness number of species in a given area 2 Diversity number of species and relative abundance Scales of biodiversityEcological 1 Genetic diversity scale 3 total genetic information contained within all individuals of a species measured as the number and relative frequency of all alleles present in a species 2 Species diversity based on the variety of species on Earthcan measure number and relative fq of species in a region 3 Ecosystem diversity variety of biotic communities in a region along with abiotic components such as soil water and nutrients Space and time 2 1 alpha biodiversity here or within one community 2 Beta biodiversity here vs there or now vs later eg of beta biodiversity in forest Year 0 clearcut the area diversity changes Year 3 there are many saplings and flowers Year 100 Canopy has closed in and therefore flowers and shorter plants not exposed to sun as much and die off Year 300 old growthold trees fall allowing more sunlight to hit the ground and new species ariseout of these years year 3 will have the highest alpha biodiversity Distribution of biodiversity 44 of plants and 35 of all
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