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Applied Biology
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Deborah Giaschi

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Ecology Biomes Lecture 4 Jan 11 10 Terrestrial Biomes Key Distinguishing Factors location temperature ppt vegetation etc Tropical rainforest also called tropical wet forestsfound in equatorial regions around the worldplants in this biome have broad leaves opposed to narrow needlelike leaves and are evergreen older leaves are shed throughout year but no complete seasonal loss of leavesin some rainforests monthly temperatures tend to stay within 25 and 30 C throughout the yearalmost no seasonal variation in temperature important because temperatures are high enough to support growth throughout the yeareven in the driest month Nov region receives over 5 cm 50 mmconsiderably more than the annual rainfall of many desertsfavorable yearround growing conditions produce riotous growthhigh productivity and aboveground biomassspecies diversitymany arthropods and treesdiversity of plant sizes and growthforms creates extraordinary structural diversity few extremely large trees tower over a layer of large trees that form a distinctive canopy creating a wide array of habitat types for animals Subtropical desert found in two distinctive locations 30 degrees latitude both N and Smean monthly temp vary more than in tropical wet climates and in some deserts temp is freezing at nighton average fairly warm templow ppt average annual ppt in Yuma Arizona is 75 mmscarcity of water means productivity of desert is little indi
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