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Applied Biology
APBI 418
Deborah Giaschi

Biol 121 225 Freeman 11961209 Ch 53Jan 13 2010Define community interacting species living within a defined area How can species interact in species in a community interact constantly general members of different spp species eat one another pollinate each other exchange nutrients compete for resources and provide habitats for each other therefore fate of a population may be tightly linked to other species that share its habitat Define fitness and describe how to study species interactions biologists focus on analyzing effects on the fitness of biologists focus on it to study the individuals involved species interactions fitness is the ability to survive and produce offspring does the relationship bt two species provide a fitness benefit to members of one species Four categories of interactionmeans competitionconsumption and parasitismmutualism 0 commensalismbirds feeding on insects that ants drive out What do species interactions species interactions may affect the distribution and abundance of a particular affect species eg predation disease competition changes in species interactions often explain shortterm changes in population sizedistribution What does species interactions species act as agents of natural selection when they interactfor eg deer are fast have to do with natural in response to natural selection exerted by their major predators like wolves which selection then favours fast wolves with good sense of smell and eyesight in biology a coevolutionary species influence each others evolution arms race occurs bt predators and prey parasites and hosts etc How can the
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