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Lecture 5

ARTH 101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Panopticism, Scopophilia, Psychoanalysis

Art History
Course Code
ARTH 101
T'ai Smith

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Las$Meninas$ “Diego$ Velázquez”:
Spectatorship:$ Who$ is$ the$actual$spectator$ in$ the$painting?
Power:$ (identified$ by$ Foucault)$ There$ is$ instability$ in$the$ system$ of$representation,$ it$
challenges$ the$ideology$ changes
Modernity:$Break$from$ tradition,$ something$ that$happens$ in$different$ contexts$ (in$
Europe,$ it$meant$ an$embrace$ from$ the$ capital$of$ reason !this$ is$ the$idea$that$as$
humans$ we$are$rational$ and$ we$ understand/gra sp$ our$ world)
Individual0 is$a$large$part$of$ modernity,$ as$it$is$a$product$ of$ it.$However,$ by$becoming$ a$
unique$ individual,$ he/she$ becomes$ alienated$ from$ other$ individuals
Discourse:0 Statements$ that$are$thought$ and$ made$ about$ a$given$ topic$ at$a$given$
historical$ moment$ which$ determines$ and$ produces$ ideas/knowledge
Panopticism0 (term0 by0Foucault): An$ individual$ selfRregulates/selfRdisciplines
Film,$ Psychoanalysis,$ Gender:
Point$ of$view$ (POV)$ Shot$ !Used$ to$identify$ with$ the$protagonist$ and$give$ the$
spectators$ a$same$ view
2:$(Typically$ a$camera)$ “Disavowed
3:$(Male)$ Protagonist
THEY$ALL$look$ at$4:$(Female)$ Spectacle
The$three$ looks$ in$cinema:
Scopophilia:$ The$ general$ pleasure/drive$ to$look
Orientalism:$ An$ imaginary$ geography$ which$ psychological$ ambivalence$ and$ political$
ambition$ could$ be$projected
Friday,$ 23$ October ,$ 2015
12:58$ am
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