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Lecture 13

ARTH 101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 13: Documenta, Print Culture, Cayman Islands

Art History
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ARTH 101
T'ai Smith

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The$internet$ has$ evolved$ from$ the$new$ medium$ to$a$mass$ medium
There$ are$greater$opportunities$ for$collaboration$ and$ contribution$ (as$ well$as$
complex$ involvement)
YouTube$ was$released$ in$ 2005
Since$ then,$ we$have$ been$ immersed$ in$a$global$ form$ of$ mass$ media$ that$has$ no$
longer$ restricts$ the$boundaries$ of$regions
An$example$ of$a$globalized$ video$ is$Gangnam$ Style$ ‐‐>$ it$brings$ in$ Western$
Global& Village& (McLuhan): Where$McLuhan$ described$ that$the$world$ has$ been$
reformed$ into$ a$'village'$ through$ the$usage$ of$ electric$ technology
Globalization$ has$complex$ economic$ and$ geographic$ political$ issues$ embedded$
Diaspora:& Adispersion of apeople from their original homeland
The$fusion$ of$ Hollywood$ and$ Indian$ cinema$ (aka$ Bollywood)$ is$ a$perfect$
example$ of$ successful$ globalization
Globalization& and&Global& Cultures
A$number$ of$ these$ theories$ are$also$ related$ to$diaspora$ (movement$ of$ people$
across$ the$globe)$ and$ postcolonialism
Some$ have$ criticized$ globalization$ as$the$ downfall$ of$ ethnicity$ and$ culture$ (it$
homogenies/makes$ everything$ the$ same),$ example$ would$ be$ there$are$
McDonalds$ and$ Starbucks$ everywhere
Critical$ read$ in$relation$ to$ America
Ariel& Dorfman&and&Armard&Mattelart& theory "How$to$read$Donald$ Duck":$
Other$ examples$ of$ theories$ include:$ Saskia& Sassen
Most$ of$ the$other$ theories$ explain$ the$idea$ that$it$is$ a$form$ of$ imperialism$ and$ it$
Early$ theories of$ cultural$ imperialism$ and$globalization
Tuesday,$ 1$December,$ 2015
3:41$ pm
There$ are$different$ events$ in$history$ that$has$ also$ affected$ globalization
Examples:$ War,$trade,$ print$ culture
As$ per$the$map$ on$ the$slide:$ You$can$ see$the$ national$ borders$ being$ carved$ out,$
representing$ the$ colonization$ of$that$era
Colonial$ History
Documenta$ (1953$ International$ Exhibition):$ Addressed$ the$issue$ of$globalization$
(illustrates$ the$link$ between$ the$Art$world$ and$ globalization)$ ‐‐>$ It$was$
considered$ to$be$an$white$ art$world$ until$ 2003,$ where$ it$encountered$ a$major$
Globalization$ and$the$ Art$World
Financescapes:$ Dealing$ with$ an$abstract$ idea$of$stock,$ not$marketing$ (e.g.$ tax$
free$zones$ on$ the$Cayman$ islands,$ where$ it$is$made$ possible$ to$launder$
money/blac k$ market$ to$ occur$ because$ of$ globalization)
Mediascapes:$ The$ distribution$ of$ newspapers,$ magazines,$ television$ shows,$
internet$ videos$ which$ are$largely$ image$ centered$ and$ narrative$ based$ ‐‐>$ they$
are$made$ avaliable$ all$over$ the$world
Find$ the$rest$of$ the$definitions$ for$the$ terms$ above
He$used$ these$ 'scapes'$ to$identify$ groups$ that$are$affected$ by$human$ motion
The$way$ he$used$ 'scapes'$ was$ a$way$ to$contextualize$ what$is$ going$ on$across$ this$
vast$ global$ network
As$ it$is$ not$possible$ to$identify$ the$entire$ landscape$ but$ the$DIFFERENT$
'scapes'$ ‐‐>$ they$ are$spread$ and$ cohesive$ at$the$same$ time
Arjun$ Appadurai's$ terms: