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University of British Columbia
Asian Studies
ASIA 100
Donald Baker

Korea Emerges review SE asia characterized by hinduism and mahayana buddhism First significant political entity in SE Asia in modern day cambodia and south vietnam. (Funan) Champa lived in central vietnam (they were malays) largest buddhist temple in the world: indonesia prehistoric "korea" hongshan culture in the loiadong area - more in common with cultures farther south than with those on the korean peninsula. Had oracle bones, jade carvings, tripods. 3500 BCE. Did not have a state, despite claims Not chinese, but contributed more to it becoming china cord pattern pottery (6000-2000 BCE) consumed millet and rice, unsure when domesticated these began by consuming wild millet and rice (hunters-gatherers)(possibly domesticated around 3000 BCE) Unknown language, not chinese because different style of homes like comb running through clay neolithic korea undercorated pottery 2000-200 BCE clearly neolithic. Characterized in its last centuries by rice cultivation, bronze daggers, dolmen burials chinese style bronze start, 800 BCE korea style bronze half the worlds dolmen durials two foundation myths. Kija and tan'gun. Neither has any archaeological support kija allegedly a zhou supporter, gave advice to shang, moved to korea tan'gun apparently a son of a bear and heavenly spirit origins of korea nangnang and the introduction of organized gov't on the korean peninsula (no evidence of organized gov't before han established outpost) not a kingdom (no evidence) three kingdoms appear of fall of han: koguryo in the north, paekche in the southwest, and silla in the southeast. Old chosun Is there any archaeological evidence for a kingdom in korea before the arrival of han chinese? Evi
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