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Lecture 2

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ASIA 100
Robban Toleno

Lecture 2Tuesday September 9 20141056 AMWhat is it that you want most To flourishHow do we achieve human flourishingDomesticate plants for food animals for food and labor Learn what the gods want and do thatUse writing to accumulate wisdom pass it down to the next generationSubjugate the weakTrade what you have for what you dont haveCreate a system for political dominationSpread your social model and declare it superior to everyone elsesAsia definedGeographically as a set of regionsBy large rivers flowing from the Himalaya Mountains What role has geography played in the Asian historyAll of the earliest major cultures from South Asia to East Asia originated along river valleys formed by rivers flowing out of the Himalayas Which religion spread across most of AsiaIslam Buddhism HinduismHow much linguistic diversitySino Tibetan1Tibetan Burmese2Altaic 3AustroAsiatic 4Tai 5IndoEuropean 6Dravidian 7Early China prehistory to Zhou homo sapiens emergesHomo habilis handy man 25 to 1 million years ago Homo erectus 1 million to 100000 years ago maybe laterPeking manBeijing man Pyongyang manUse of fire chipped stone toolsHomo sapiens anatomically modern Out of Africa Racial differences developed gradually Genetic drift All humans were coming out of Africa 50000 years ago Arrived in East Asia at about 30000 years agoDomesticate plants for food animals for food and laboran early form of technology 50000 years agothe arrival of culturally modern homo sapiens Groups of hunters gatherers and fishermen Gobekli tepe Turkey oldest monumental architecture 10000 years agoNeolithic evolution takes placeAgriculture beginsPottery appears in Japan 8000 years agoAgriculture evident in east Asia Pottery in koreaMillet in china Rice in north southeast asia5000 years agoDogs and pigs domesticated 3000 years agoRice cultivation takes off2500 years agoBeginnings of historyWritten records Beginning of Indus civilization 1600 years agoChina starts developing The Paleolithic agePaleolithic old stone ageOnly unpolished stone toolsLived in bands hunted gatheredTo 10000 BCHabilis erectus and sapiens lived in Paleolithic ageNeolithic Revolution new stone age polished stone tools evident 30002000 BC in ChinaSedentary communities Domesticated plants and animals Neolithic revolutionBetter pottery and clothing Private property and writing to lay claim to that propertyThe beginning of organized warfaredefensive wallsAgriculture caused a dramatic population increase Guns Germs and Steel Jared diamond asks why Eurasia not just Europe or Asia came to dominate the worldIt stretches from easttowest benefiting from an homogeneous cultureIt had a great variety of plants and animals that could be domesticateddiffused from east to west Animals diseases to which Eurasians developed immunity Eurasia succeeded because environmental factors Early culturesNorthern china yellow river culturesYang Shao painted pottery 5000 to 3000 BCLongshan black pottery 3000 to 2000 BCCultures in southern china were different Mongol Turk Tibetan dai Yue cultures in what is now china Also the hemudu culture which moved to south and became protoAustronesian How do we distinguish one culture from anotherMaterial cultureErlitou culture Small settlements of people henan province from 2000 1400 BCCapital of the legendary xia dynasty Or early Shang We dont knowPolitical hierachy settlements What is a stateA political entity with a capital with taxation with administrative powers over outlying areas with writing and with mathHas a monopoly on the legitimate use of force and ritual within a specified territory A clear divide between ruler and ruled Xia dynastyNo clear archeological evidenceShang was the first state writing bronze and chariotsWhere did bronze and chariots come from Innovation or diffusionShang dynastyFirst authenticated dynasty A network of walled towns Many distinctive Chinese features Writing system bronze ritual vessels oracle bones stamped earth wallsPigs sheep cattle millet wheat Worshipped the high god Di Shangdi WRITING emergesWomen could wield political and military power but commoners and rules and highly differentiated Shang bronze used in ritualRituals became important in how rulers exercised their powersThe Zhou dynastyFirst civilization in china Western Zhou 1045771Mandate of heaven legitimated Zhou replacing the Shang Shift from impersonal ruling force rather than Lord AboveWriting becomes more importantThe first Chinese classics appear book of documents book of songsRitual solidified as a means of political controlSemi feudal systemaristocratic
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