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Lecture 3

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Asian Studies
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Robban Toleno

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Lecture 3Thursday September 11 20141100 AMThe Zhou dynasty first civilization in China Western Zhou 1045771 BCMandate of heaven legitimated Zhou replacing the ShangShift from emphasis on deity Di to impersonal ruling force Writing becomes more importantThe first Chinese classics appear book of documents book of songsRitual solidified as a means of political controlSemi feudal systemaristocraticWhat is feudalismFeudalism not a catchall term for premodernIt refers to a hierarchically layered government in which the person at the top operates direct authority only over those directly below him At the bottom are serfs cultivator who are tied to the land By definition a feudal society is agrarian with wealth and power coming from control of the land manors of the rich landownersCivil and military power are fused the hand that holds the sword is the hand that runs the government Resource flow Power flow SefsVassalsNobilityRoyaltyNobilityVassalsSerfs Neolithic vs Paleolithic Paleolithic did not yet have agriculture Shang was a Bronze Age society Zhou society was feudally organized Zhou rulers used ritual as means of political control Zhou introduced the mandate of Heaven INDIA south AsiaWhat is Indian civilizationWhat Indian elementsBuddhism Mythliterature Hanuman in the MahabarataElements of material culture TraditionDiffusion and transmissionEarly history lives on in the present Or it does not Traditions are sometimes abandoned supplanted corruptedWatch for regional cultural influences not national cultures Three key termsCivilization a grouping of societies sharing a core set of cultural attributes such as written traditions Culture a patterned way of life
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