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Aryans living in primal villages backwards civilizations but had horsedrawn chariots and bronze axes longbows and arrowslongbow shoots farther than shortbowAryans also had the earliest religious literature 1028 Sanskrit ends This is a collection of the earliest surviving indo culture addressed to Aryan godsThe Rig VedaWater and fertility are profound in all culturesThere were big floods in ancient world melting of polar ice caps etc Water cascades out of originally contained areas and filled whole new basins of water Idea of ancient floods quite powerful and commonAccording to the Vedic religion the minds activity is fueled by desire motivation etcVedic spiritual world is a world of sacrifice dedicated to a particular deity and is a human responsibility If you do this and do it correctly the deity will respond in the manner that you hope If you dont the deity will not respond in the way you wishThis religion creates a professional spiritual class called the Brahma Will evolve into the highest class in the Indian casteSacrifices also preformed in households and only males did it which means females were lookeddown in this societyAryan means highborn or noble The Vish would be Aryan commoners and later be called VishasDahsas mean dark and are people who arent AryansAryan society is tribal Each tribe had a king called RajaCows are so valued that they become a currency and later become divinedFamily life presided over by fathersa male supremacy There is also a hierarchy of age Joined households were common joining together for things such as common goals etc Daughters little valued and required dowries men expected to be fighters Only sons could inherit property Society has a high level of vitality clear that Aryans loved music wine gamblingAryans had an intoxicating beverage called soma that producing psychedelic effects Said that soma was consumed by Indra Vedic war god Soma is deified there was also a soma sacrifice
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