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Asian Studies
ASIA 101
John Barker

Notes on South East Asia The collapse of golden age kingdoms proved a prelude to a dynamic new era in which many societies,among them Malaka, became increasingly involve in world trade and larger european realm. -Theravada Buddhism spread widely across south east asia and new cultures emerged -Most south east asian lived with three socio-cultural frames which had emerged in fifteenth century: The thervada buddhism,The vietnamese and the Malayo -Muslim or indonesian.And all the people flourished into 1700s -The Toungoo kings invaded thai and lao states in quest of regional supermacy,temporarily annexing some of northern thialand,sacking cities and carrying much of the wealth. -under king Bayinnauung,who ruled from 1551-1581 from pegu,taungoo was the strongest state in mainland south east asia. Siam -siamese were also an important thervada buddhist people,by the sixteenth century some siamese began referring to themselves as mueang thai (Thai country),but it wasn't until 1930 that the name thailand was adopted officially. -Ramkamhaeng was a popular king who controlled central thailand and is still considered as a noble soul in modern times by thai people -Theravada Buddhist used to sponsor village schools,due to which the region had one of the highest literacy rates in pre-industrial world -Despi
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