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Asian Studies
ASIA 200
Paul Hewitt

Assignment W3Spin MasterCase 13 p 411Using the case titled Spin Master Turning fun into opportunities please answer the following questions1Describe the key decisions that Harary Rabie and Varadi faced in the startup of their company Looking at the decision environment were these more programmed or nonprogrammed decisions typesminimum 3 decisionsaThe decisions that Harary Rabie and Varadi had to face were the followingiInitially they had to decide which product to first create and they decided the Buddy Next they had to decide where to initiate the first sales and Rabie chose Roots because he felt that the culture of Roots correlated with the Buddys theme iiAfter the Budy was a huge success they were faced with a 500000 order and they were now able to choose whether to accept the order or keep it nice and small and able to produce out of a kitchen however they chose and decided to take on the order and expand moving away from kitchen productions and on to a factory When they decided to produce from a factory they could have chosen how to produce in terms of labor location etc they decided to have 200 staff membersiiiNe
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