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BIOL 111
Chin Sun

Biology 111 Week 1Biology as Sciencea Way of KnowingReadings Chapter 1 124Articles in Vista Plasma Antioxidants from ChocolateDark Chocolate Can Pack a Big Antioxidant WallopLearning Outcomes you will be able to achieve the following 1 formulate testable scientific hypotheses 2 critically evaluate the design of an experiment 3 evaluate information in the media criticallyScientific methodshow are they different from casual observationsWe human beings make observations of their natural environments due to our curiosity and our needs for survival in an environment with dangers as well as resourcesPeople make decisions about their lives based on their observations of the natural worldExampleScientists observe phenomena in NatureIn addition they 1 formulate hypotheses based on their observations to describe or explain what happens in the natural world and 2 design or plan and carry out experiments or observations to 3 test their hypothesesExample Sir Francis Bacon planted theseed of modern scientificmethods in the English society A hypothesis has the following properties A hypothesis cannot include a value judgement such as good or bad1 It is a statement about facts or to explain how things work in our physical natural world Ex All crows are black2 The statement must be falsifiable can be proven wrong or false 3 It must not include any value judgment or supernatural elements as science cannot test either values or supernatural elements this is a limitation of scienceHypothesis testinginvestigate predictions derived from the hypothesis
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